Adieu, Prof. Tijjani El Miskin

It is difficult to imagine a tragedy at the scale of this year’s HajjStampede occurred without directly or indirectly affecting many. This one affects me, among many others, personally. I lost an irreplaceable mentor, a great scholar per excellence, a quintessence of humility, Professor Tijjani El Miskin. May Allah grant him and the hundreds of martyrs with him Al-Jannah ul Firdaus. Continue reading “Adieu, Prof. Tijjani El Miskin”

You never will be at peace when your neighbor is at war

It looks so disturbing what’s happening in the Mediterranean Sea, at the Hungarian train stations or at the Slovakian borders. Unfortunately, the reality is, these humanitarian crises did not start at any of these unfortunate scenes and so would not end there without long-lasting adverse effects across the world. Continue reading “You never will be at peace when your neighbor is at war”

The power of concentration: An amazing must-watch video

If you want to see an extraordinary power of concentration then watch the below video. The mathematical precision by which the art is demonstrated is really breathtaking. It clearly shows, what I see, the sophistication and ingenuity of the human mind. Sit back to watch it. Continue reading “The power of concentration: An amazing must-watch video”

Gargadi ga mai yawan korafi

Yawan korafi kullum da hangen cewa wani ya take maka hakki, bai haifar da komai sai mutuwar zuciya da musiba a cikin al’umma. A duk lokacin da mutum ya zama mai yawan korafi, to kodai rago ne, yana zaune yana jira idan biri ya tsinko dan giginya ya fadi a kasa ya dauka, ko kuwa shi ya zalunci kansa, ya ki yin abinda ya cancanta na karbo yancinsa.  Ina wannan bayani ne a dangane da irin dambalwar siyasa da a ke tabkawa a jihata, jihar Taraba. Musulmai da Kiristoci, musamman matasa hankali ya gushe; a maimakon yin abinda ya kamata na ci gaban jiha, sai zage-zage da zargin juna kawai a ke yi, wanda ba zai haifar da da mai ido ba.  Continue reading “Gargadi ga mai yawan korafi”

Happy independence celebration: Nigeria at 54

Today, Nigeria is celebrating its 54th Independence Anniversary with a lot of mixed feelings, good and bad stories to tell, numerous openings to patch and unimaginable wounds to heal. For me, this is a story of every nation, especially a diverse country like ours, that would have to crawl, stagger and attain development. The road is always rough, thorny and arduous.

Some people believe, at 54, Nigeria is matured enough to put all early developmental crises behind its back. I feel this is true if Nigerians mean allowing their cherished country to reach its greater height.  Continue reading “Happy independence celebration: Nigeria at 54”

Adieu, Professor Dora Akunyili 1954 – 2014


Gone in the way of all mortals! Adieu, Professor Dora Akunyili. Nigeria will continue to mourn you as one of its greatest pearl of recent time.

During her worth-lived life, Professor Dora, an academic per excellence, stood firmly for genuine principles of hard work and excellence; fought fiercely and courageously for the country she so much believed in, and even in her last days of dilapidated health still had the strength to contribute her proportion of wisdom in the national conference.  Continue reading “Adieu, Professor Dora Akunyili 1954 – 2014”