Adieu, Prof. Tijjani El Miskin

It is difficult to imagine a tragedy at the scale of this year’s HajjStampede occurred without directly or indirectly affecting many. This one affects me, among many others, personally. I lost an irreplaceable mentor, a great scholar per excellence, a quintessence of humility, Professor Tijjani El Miskin. May Allah grant him and the hundreds of … Continue reading Adieu, Prof. Tijjani El Miskin

You never will be at peace when your neighbor is at war

It looks so disturbing what’s happening in the Mediterranean Sea, at the Hungarian train stations or at the Slovakian borders. Unfortunately, the reality is, these humanitarian crises did not start at any of these unfortunate scenes and so would not end there without long-lasting adverse effects across the world. When external forces vested interests that … Continue reading You never will be at peace when your neighbor is at war

The power of concentration: An amazing must-watch video

If you want to see an extraordinary power of concentration then watch the below video. The mathematical precision by which the art is demonstrated is really breathtaking. It clearly shows, what I see, the sophistication and ingenuity of the human mind. Sit back to watch it.

One more day to the weekend!

Just finished my last class of the day, and being Wednesday I almost began to think it was the last day of the week! One more day to go! A new system which begun just this week - a major and lifetime change I'd witness. Our new weekend is now Fridays and Saturdays. No more … Continue reading One more day to the weekend!