You never will be at peace when your neighbor is at war

It looks so disturbing what’s happening in the Mediterranean Sea, at the Hungarian train stations or at the Slovakian borders. Unfortunately, the reality is, these humanitarian crises did not start at any of these unfortunate scenes and so would not end there without long-lasting adverse effects across the world.

When external forces vested interests that caused a serious standoff between them and the nonconformist Syrian regime, one would not say they couldn’t imagine what the devastating consequences might be, given the high alert of diplomatic consultations that converged the world at that time, but they only turned a blind eye. However, cautious of what happened that will no longer allow Iraq and Libya to see peace anytime soon, they dragged, and still, do, the uncertain intervention, which made situations for Syria even worst and unresolved that today set not only European borders at crises but their individual countries in social and economic quandaries.

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It is tragic to see innocent children’s carcases are being washed away by the sea, families are being torn apart, youths are being abused on their ambiguous journey and nations are being gradually forced on their knees, destructive actions that could be avoided if minds were just and human.

To add insult to injury, desperate individuals in some parts of Africa and Asia least affected by humanitarian crises have been gambling with their lives they could make better at home, embarking on unwarranted expeditions which were part of the reasons that complicated the crises.

Despite noble efforts that are being made by countries like Germany and to some extent Britain and Sweden, the solution may not be reached without getting all European nations and allied countries shared in the responsibility. For now, countries that are perceived to be economically stable would have to bear more burden. However, the effects would no doubt cut across all nations, small or big, within or outside the Mediterranean.

While we profusely cry and pray for Syrians, Iraqis, Somalis, Libyans and all societies that are inflicted by these crises, including those that would apparently face them in the future, we also hope their cases would serve as lessons for our ‘so-called’ comfort zones. In today’s world, you never will be at peace when your neighbour is at war.

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