You don’t need to be a legislative member or even a governor to serve your people: A message to Taraba youths

Today, my thought, hoped it’s not skewed, is about my brothers, the youths of Taraba state. From time immemorial, everyone knows the future of every society rests on the shoulders of its youths. This is true in Taraba state. But, I don’t see a secured future with almost every young person aiming at one target – to be a House of Assembly member, a chairman or a governor. Folks, politics is now an old-fashioned game for the youth. The buzzwords are education, technology, entrepreneurship and partnership.  Continue reading

Jalingo chairmanship election: A choice between confidence and hope

Oftentimes, people face choices in life, especially good ones, that pose challenges to their conscience. I don’t know what most people of Jalingo local government think about this Saturday’s chairmanship election between Abdul Nasir Bobboji and A. A. Liman. It appears to be a challenging one that perhaps many, as of now, have not yet made any decision. In times like these, putting aside what does not matter and focusing on a common goal could help.  Continue reading

We need confidence in our governance to succeed collectively

With all these discoveries and recoveries of looted billions of dollars (cash in apartments) from government officials who were trusted with the nation’s revenue sources, you still doubt why Nigeria is on its knees? We’ve never seen this before, not as far as I know. We had seen such amount of money taken to chambers’ floor for gratification, but not taken out of residences as evidence of criminalization. Fellow countrymen, this is a clear path to the sanity we all prayed for so hard.  Continue reading

Shin menene yan Najeriya ba su fahimta ba game da Muhammadu Buhari?

Irin korafe-korafen da ke faruwa a yanzu game da gwamnatin Shugaba Muhammadu Buhari, babu tantama ya yi kama da abunda ya faru a 1984, lokacin mulkinsa na farko.  Yawa-yawancin jama’a suka kosa saboda tsaurin rayuwa, daga karshe suka yi fatan Allah ya canza musu shi. Shekaru kadan bayan Allah ya kawo karshen mulkinsa, jama’a suka fahimci kuskurensu. Allah bai sake dawo da Buhari ba, sai bayan sama da shekaru talatin na gwagwarmaya, har da rasa rayuka. Sai gashi nan yau cikin kasa da shekaru biyu na mulkin Buhari, wata sabuwar kalma wai ita ‘buhariyya,’ wacce ke nufin tsaurin rayuwa, ta shigo kuddin kamusun Hausa – ma’ana, tarihi ya maimaita kansa. Wai shin a ina matsalar take ne? Kuma shin menene yan Najeriya ba su fahimta ba game da Muhammadu Buhari?  Continue reading

Sociology of Scientific Knowledge: Towards Understanding Sciences through Language

Enhancing the acquisition of the knowledge of sciences has been for long a concern of educationists. The issue has been investigated from different perspectives. One of the most recent, which this paper explores, is a modern linguistic approach that views scientific knowledge as a representation of social reality; thus, understanding this knowledge should be based on the study of its sociology and textual formation, the former investigating the relationship between science and society and the latter analyzing the scientific modus operandi, signs and language respectively. This approach tends to demystify science and make it easily comprehensible by unraveling the opacity of its language through contextualization and popularization.

Continue reading

University of Dammam External Scholarships & Grants

The University of Dammam represented by the Deanship of Admissions and Registration is pleased to announce the opening of electronic submission for External Grants and Scholarships through the Admissions Portal. Dr. Abdullah Bamosa, Dean of Admissions and Registration urges students to apply through UoD’s website by entering the Study with Us Icon then External Grants and Scholarships. The submission will start on Sunday, October 16, 2016 until Tuesday, November 15, 2016. Continue reading

Labour Strike and the Reality of Deregulation in Nigeria

I don’t think tomorrow’s speculated industrial action organized by Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) is a good development for Nigeria. It’s undisputed, the economy is biting hard and the recent removal of oil subsidy would make it even harder. But, a standoff against a decision that, given the current effect of global economic meltdown, appears almost irreversible, doesn’t seem to me having both feet on the ground for NLC and Nigerians. Continue reading