Adieu, Professor Dora Akunyili 1954 – 2014


Gone in the way of all mortals! Adieu, Professor Dora Akunyili. Nigeria will continue to mourn you as one of its greatest pearl of recent time.

During her worth-lived life, Professor Dora, an academic per excellence, stood firmly for genuine principles of hard work and excellence; fought fiercely and courageously for the country she so much believed in, and even in her last days of dilapidated health still had the strength to contribute her proportion of wisdom in the national conference. 

No doubt, It is sad to lose Professor Dora at a difficult time when Nigeria needs more people of her calibre. She believed in service to the people. She never compromises the security, unity and good image of Nigeria. She championed the unchallenged fight against the counterfeit drug in Nigeria and Africa. When she was called upon by Late President Musa Yar’aduawa, a gone hero too, to rebrand the image of Nigeria, she did it unequivocally with all her strength – ‘good people, great nation.‘ Again, when a trying time came, Nigeria was being consumed by ravenousness of loyalty and skeptics, she faced the bull by the horn and stood for the sovereignty of Nigeria rather than individual selfish interest! She was very professional, courageous and patriotic citizen who did what she could within her God-giving time and opportunity. Once again, she lived a life worthy of emulation.

She lived a life worthy of emulation. Adieu, Prof. Mama Dora Akunyili.

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