Nigeria and the reality of escalating insurgency

With the increase and nature of violent fatality in Nigeria at the moment, the only hope seems to be left for Nigerians is a tenacious prayer to the Almighty in addition to stopping a game of blame or pointing the finger at one another. We must accept it not only as a faith but also as a result of our collective failure as citizens to cultivate an abundant nation full of promises. 

No doubt, a few do their best in their respective roles within their capacity. Make no mistake, Nigeria as a whole is suffering from an insurgency today not just because of Jonathan, but because of the failure of a majority of its citizens. Many people from all works of life turned a blind eye and gave him to Nigeria as a president. You would not just even blame the terrorists that keep kidnapping our girls, bombarding our cities and discharging our villages without questioning the selfish individuals that hatched the system.

It is not a miracle. If going to the market and working hard can produce a profit; burning candles at night can earn someone flying colours in exams, you can’t tell me that BokoHaram, any form of terrorism and the clueless leadership of Nigeria are products of some miraculous lightning and thunder from somewhere. They were all conceived, nurtured and delivered at the expense of an innocent country – a great nation instituted by the sweat and selfless service of some noble patriots. May their souls rest in peace.

Let’s stop blaming who did what and how it was done. Let’s look inward and evaluate our share of responsibilities not only as parents and neighbours but as citizens who have obligations whether as leaders or led. As I am writing this piece, a lamentation of a near hopeless citizen, a majority of Nigerians – young and old, men and women – are there chasing corrupt politicians with desperation and greed calling them to come and finish the atrocities they started! You wonder who is to blame. The same people that were taught lessons a hundred times are ready and even more eager to make the same mistakes.

People reluctantly and deliberately believe that collecting your ‘share of cake’ in an election period and allowing the so-called leader to have a feast when he gets there is the best alternative. Alas! This is the beginning of failing the state by an electorate, just to mention a few.

Consequently, this carefree and unpatriotic trend of the electorate has shamed the principles of democracy and has caused politics, more than any other time in the history of Nigeria, to become the most lucrative and fastest way of making a fortune.

Disappointingly, this new enterprise is mostly flooded by youth and promising professionals whom the progress of Nigeria depends on their active participation in more scientific and entrepreneurial activities. The future of most talented Nigerian youth is regrettably geared towards a futile, fraudulent and hostile power struggle, which in the long run will produce a more heated atmosphere capable of impeding cohesion and development.

Again, as we currently face the result of poor management of the human resource, including poor parenting in the name of an insurgency, for sure, the consequences of this huge misconception of ‘politics,’ ‘leadership’ and ‘democracy’ awaits Nigeria – God forbids.

As a people, we must know that everyone has a stake in patching up Nigeria as did in creating the corrosion. Also, we all must recognise that nothing comes easy. Put aside negativity or a mere feeling that one has to suffer in all circumstances. It’s all about everyone facing the consequential reality and getting the right thing done. It is not just proverbial that a woman feels the joy of motherhood only after going through unimaginable pain.

We cannot see a leadership we so much adore by accepting the sweet taste of ‘share cake.’ We cannot blame others by burying our faults under our feet. We must open up; correct our mistakes; and recognise the good in others. Nigerians must collectively accept their faith, pray hard and work it out hard and together.

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