You never will be at peace when your neighbor is at war

It looks so disturbing what’s happening in the Mediterranean Sea, at the Hungarian train stations or at the Slovakian borders. Unfortunately, the reality is, these humanitarian crises did not start at any of these unfortunate scenes and so would not end there without long-lasting adverse effects across the world. Continue reading “You never will be at peace when your neighbor is at war”

On President Buhari’s new (dis) appointments

While, in my opinion, it’s still too early to attempt to gauge President Buhari’s performance, even so, it might not be wrong to pose a comment on his probable dispositions, especially the one that raised so far the loudest outcry across the nation’s media platforms. I’m particularly concerned to see sudden changes in the discourse of interlocutors, a disquiet that may likely lay on the line the hard-earned change Nigerians collectively fought for in the last election. Mr President’s recent appointments, unlike his previous actions that caused inconsequential name-taggings, call for reflection. I decided to comment on these because learning from former President Jonathan’s case, there is no doubt the Hausa axiom says, ‘when you see your brother’s beard is on fire, you should quickly bathrobe yours with some water.’ Continue reading “On President Buhari’s new (dis) appointments”

KAUST Fellowship for PhD and Msc in Saudi Arabia, 2016

Applications are invited for KAUST Fellowship for enrolling in PhD and MS/PhD program for spring 2016. ll admitted students receive the benefits of the KAUST Fellowship. The fellowship supports students for the duration of their graduate studies. KAUST Fellowship includes full tuition support and monthly living allowance. The application deadline is October 8th, 2015 for Spring 2016. Continue reading “KAUST Fellowship for PhD and Msc in Saudi Arabia, 2016”

DAAD research grants for doctoral students in Germany, 2016

Applications are invited for DAAD research grants available for young foreign academics and scientists with an opportunity to carry out research and continue their education in Germany. Grants will be awarded for doctoral programmes at a state or state-recognised institution of higher education or a non-university research institute in Germany. A Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Science degree of 2nd class upper division level and a Master of Arts/Master of Science degree are required. Applications should be submitted till 1st October, 2015. Continue reading “DAAD research grants for doctoral students in Germany, 2016”

Justice at play in Egypt: Mohammed Morsi sentenced to death

Until a more comprehensive justification is evident, I actually can’t conceptualise the justice at play in Egypt! In July 2013, the Muslim Brotherhood faced its worst dramatic moment, something I considered as their rise and fall in the Egyptian politics, the climax today is far more dramatic. Could the world and particularly the great people of this cradle of civilisation unravel this mystery, please? Continue reading “Justice at play in Egypt: Mohammed Morsi sentenced to death”

Xenophobia is a crime against humanity!

Whenever we sat on our desks, during our secondary school days, the first thing that greeted us was a statement curvedly written in bold and coloured chalk like a rainbow above the blackboard, which said: ‘Apartheid is a crime against humanity.’ This sentence sank deeply more like the Nigerian National Anthem in our heads. It was later we realised what the sentence meant, though not as profound as how those who created it wanted us to understand; it was intended to sensitise Africans and the world about the injustice of Apartheid that South Africans were going through, thus as a way of solidarity. We also understood that it was not only in Jalingo (my hometown) or Africa; it was all around the world. Continue reading “Xenophobia is a crime against humanity!”

A 5-year-old boy discovered over 100-million year dinosaur

The 5-year-old boy discovered an over 100 million-year-old dinosaur fossil while playing with his father behind a supermarket in Texas, USA.  Continue reading “A 5-year-old boy discovered over 100-million year dinosaur”

The power of concentration: An amazing must-watch video

If you want to see an extraordinary power of concentration then watch the below video. The mathematical precision by which the art is demonstrated is really breathtaking. It clearly shows, what I see, the sophistication and ingenuity of the human mind. Sit back to watch it. Continue reading “The power of concentration: An amazing must-watch video”

Who will win Taraba 2015 gubernatorial election?

In a couple of days, Taraba and nearly all the states in Nigeria will go to the polls again this time to vote for their governors and the state House of Assembly Members. Despite the ruling party, PDP, won the presidential election in the state, with a marginal victory, against the opposition party, APC, it’s still very difficult to predict the outcome of the forthcoming election.

Many probable factors are at play.  Major among them are the crises that marginalized PDP’s primaries, which tore apart the party into two, and the popularity of the APC candidate compared to the PDP’s. One may ask, ‘why then the PDP won the presidential election?’ Here’s my take on some of the reasons regarding the two largest political parties, the rest is left for Tarabans to prove me right or wrong comes April 11, 2015. Continue reading “Who will win Taraba 2015 gubernatorial election?”

Sold by their mothers: The child sex trade in Cambodia by Lisa Cohen, CNN

I found this story from the CNN Freedom Project very touching and therefore decided to share with you over here. Kieu, a 12 years old Cambodian girl was sold by her mother into sex trafficking to get what to survive. CNN Freedom Project followed the story with Mira Sorvino, an Oscar-winning actress and UNODC Goodwill Ambassador against Human Trafficking.

You can also read the full story from here.

Continue reading “Sold by their mothers: The child sex trade in Cambodia by Lisa Cohen, CNN”