Is governor Darius ready for the job?

Tarabans, help me out if I missed anything out there. Beside appointments that were deeply characterised by exclusion controversy, I’m truly yet to know where our journey, as a people that urgently need reparation, has begun or where we’re heading to since the commencement of this dispensation.

Governments around the country celebrated and won trophies for distinctive 100 days in office. Some displayed concrete infrastructures, as in Rivers and Kano; others demonstrated genuine competence to come up with laudable and life changing policies, like in Sokoto; the likes of Kaduna distinguished themselves on both policies and physical developments as well as clear readiness for the job.

For Governor Darius, I could only stumble upon a report on NTA website, dated 15th September 2015, which neither adequately explained the significance of the event nor listed at least one accomplishment of the government. NTA on professional journalism, again!

If we cannot see, at least we should hear some things are going on in the right direction. It isn’t what matters to get hold of the seat but to demonstrate a commitment to the oaths and responsibilities we pledge ourselves to it. We might be consumed by legal scuffles to confirm the mandate we deservedly or undeservedly earned; however that is, as far as the interest of a common Taraban is concerned, immaterial.

Don’t get me wrong! I’m less troubled about PDP or APC, even though I’m fade up with the fruitless governments that PDP keeps producing, with the exception of Danbaba’s short-lived regime, in addition to the fact that political corruption or human corrupt-tendency is not part-bound. Is it? I’m, however, concerned about a healthy and expressive debate that would first yield credible candidates irrespective of party or personal affiliations, and second challenge the candidates to deliver on their obligations by exploiting that nature’s gift to transform our lives.

With the way things are going so far – unclear direction underscored exclusion and inclusion issues – it doesn’t seem to me, Governor Darius is ready for the job.

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