On President Buhari’s new (dis) appointments

While, in my opinion, it’s still too early to attempt to gauge President Buhari’s performance, even so, it might not be wrong to pose a comment on his probable dispositions, especially the one that raised so far the loudest outcry across the nation’s media platforms. I’m particularly concerned to see sudden changes in the discourse of interlocutors, a disquiet that may likely lay on the line the hard-earned change Nigerians collectively fought for in the last election. Mr President’s recent appointments, unlike his previous actions that caused inconsequential name-taggings, call for reflection. I decided to comment on these because learning from former President Jonathan’s case, there is no doubt the Hausa axiom says, ‘when you see your brother’s beard is on fire, you should quickly bathrobe yours with some water.’

Everyone knows, when the chips were down for the administration of former President Jonathan, the major messes were, besides allowing a few to bask in impunity, especially those from his enclave, to some extent lopsidedness concerning appointments and to a more considerable extent lack of focus characterised by incompetence. With all the advantages at his disposal owing to the accumulated power of his party, often with or without people’s mandate, Jonathan stumbled so extremely to lose the support of individuals like Obasanjo who by all means brought him and Yar’aduwa in 2008 and later supported his reelection with Sambo in 2011.

This is how naïve one could be when one assumes power and undermine the forces and general goodwill that gave one a hand to the altar.  I will not for once assume or pray for such to President Buhari. First, I know, having been tested in many instances of public service, he doesn’t have the character or characteristics of fruitless leaders. Secondly, having sacrificed for long thirsting to rescue Nigeria, it will be insensitive, given such a last golden opportunity to serve his motherland, to tread the path of President Jonathan or even the governments before his. And thirdly, I will never wish President Buhari this kind of exit because we, Nigerians, have had enough of deceit and failure of leadership.

When President Buhari was declared a winner, and President Jonathan had already congratulated him, I literarily shed tears of joy. I did that not simply for Buhari as a person, despite his enormous sacrifice, but for Nigeria as a nation, a country that was doomed nearly by every spectator, including its most hopeful citizens, to be history. Seeing that unexpected, smooth dissolution once again granted to Nigeria by the Supreme God and knowing fully who the next bearer of the enormous responsibility was, General Muhammadu Buhari, the tested and trusted, I was full of joy and gratitude so much that I barely had nothing critical to say since the election till today. I still have this burning confidence in Mr President, and I firmly believe as a nation we’ve already invested so much for the progress of Nigeria. We just need patient, more trust and commitment, especially now that we know better how to get our things done with our most potent weapon – the vote.

In less than 100 days of Buhari’s administration, there have been, as always of a democratic process, clamour, name-tagging and even accusation, however none, to me, was indispensable. I felt and still feel President Buhari needs time. What was destroyed over time cannot be constructed overnight; it usually takes longer to build than to destroy.

However, given the task ahead of Nigeria, there is no excuse for someone who enjoyed and still enjoys the ever most vested interest and support in the political history of Nigeria, to quickly fall short of the aspirations of Nigerians. Though when it comes to critical development, unlike the half-cooked nutritious egg, it’s better done well than scrambled fast.

Also, there is no debate over the fact that competence should always be our guiding principle, which by his principles, Buhari epitomises. But, to uphold the dynamism of our diversity and enduring unity, it’s imperative to promote inclusion and equality in all aspects of our federal system and not just political appointments that can be easily overemphasised on social media. It is nonetheless good news to notice that the outcry does not lay it on with a trowel regarding religious discrimination. Suffice to say, Buhari has tried his best in this aspect, including the ongoing military success against an insurgency, reorganisation of institutions and the indiscriminate crackdown on corruption, developments that all Nigerians seem to be happy with.

Therefore, we need to support Buhari not only with praises but also with criticism to help him, and ourselves succeed. It’s not right and not in the interest of CHANGE to raise mistake (s) made by previous governments just to justify current actions. The fact that you posted a previous list of Jonathan’s bias appointments or his skewed scholarship distribution lists to justify Buhari’s actions, it’s a clear indication that Buhari’s are biased too. Justifying something wrong with another wrong is a betrayal of the status quo shift Nigerians collectively struggled for, which unquestionably included the valid argument of desisting from politics as usual or succumbing to political godfatherism.  Either of the two dissipations is likely to translate into a loss of trust that Buhari worked so hard to earn for over 15 years. Remember, you can’t serve a changed dish if you can’t take the kitchen heat. I believe, the best way to help someone you claim you love is to challenge him to be upright as a good ambassador, and of course, defend him at all cost when he is right. Indeed, we won’t go anywhere with tribal, religious or provincial governance.

I still trust Buhari’s detribalized, disciplined and disinterested dispositions of ‘I belong to everybody, and I belong to nobody,’ and I believe those people that worked for his success and the progress of Nigeria, who appear, according to the speculations, to be undermined and underrepresented, also do. Buhari might not have been there without their support and the support of every Nigerian, including those who voted against him. But, Buhari needs to demonstrate those proven qualities of statesmanship in all his appointments and administrations to further make us believe that he’s that torchbearer to lead Nigeria to the mountaintop.

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