No justification for the Zaria killing of Shiite members

No right-thinking mind can justify the carnage that happened in Zaria, Nigeria last weekend. The action of barricading the road for the Chief of Army Staff’s motorcade was totally wrong, be it by the Shiite members or any group that would dare the authority of the Nigerian Army, but the overzealous response of the army was utterly ruthless, unlawful and condemnable. Far more ruthless was the insensitivity of some people towards this matter, only based upon ideological differences and not justice and human compassion. Whosoever you are, justifying and celebrating an unjust killing of humanity is UNGODLY! Continue reading “No justification for the Zaria killing of Shiite members”

Justice at play in Egypt: Mohammed Morsi sentenced to death

Until a more comprehensive justification is evident, I actually can’t conceptualise the justice at play in Egypt! In July 2013, the Muslim Brotherhood faced its worst dramatic moment, something I considered as their rise and fall in the Egyptian politics, the climax today is far more dramatic. Could the world and particularly the great people of this cradle of civilisation unravel this mystery, please? Continue reading “Justice at play in Egypt: Mohammed Morsi sentenced to death”

Xenophobia is a crime against humanity!

Whenever we sat on our desks, during our secondary school days, the first thing that greeted us was a statement curvedly written in bold and coloured chalk like a rainbow above the blackboard, which said: ‘Apartheid is a crime against humanity.’ This sentence sank deeply more like the Nigerian National Anthem in our heads. It was later we realised what the sentence meant, though not as profound as how those who created it wanted us to understand; it was intended to sensitise Africans and the world about the injustice of Apartheid that South Africans were going through, thus as a way of solidarity. We also understood that it was not only in Jalingo (my hometown) or Africa; it was all around the world. Continue reading “Xenophobia is a crime against humanity!”

Al Qaeda member turned spy: The story of Aimen Dean

­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­Grabbing my usual early-morning breakfast in front of the TV and taking hold of the day headlines before jumping out of the house, I saw this hard interview on Stephen Sackur’s BBC Hard Talk programme. More than the half of my day, it kept ducking me into pondering again and again! Aimen Dean, a former Al Qaeda, worked for Britain as a double agent in Islamic Centres within Britain to uncover information about terrorist’s activities that could help the government in averting extremism. Why would Aimen take this dicey job and decide to come out on air at this critical time? Most importantly, how would the different worlds around him interpret his adventure? These were some of the questions that preoccupied my thought, and finally, I decided to share them with you.

After many years of disguise among people who believed him to be a fellow comrade or even sometimes a leader, Aimen Dean now appears on BBC television disclosing his mission and, despite admitting the danger of what he was doing, remained firmly confident and convinced that he was and still on course! He believed this could be the way to expose the people that hijacked Islam and wrongly portrayed its canons.

Though some people might see his action as similar to that of Edward Snowden, religious leaders and Muslims around the world have for long condemned extremists’ activities as un-Islamic, be it Al Qaeda in Afghanistan, ISIS/ISIL in Syria and Iraq or Boko Haram in Nigeria. As these organisations employ horrific measures such as brutal killings and ransom to terrorise their targets, so also susceptible and insusceptible countries alike work out strategy, such as the deployment of agents the likes of Aimen, to help them detect and destroy terrorists’ networks and organisations.

Aimen did one of the most precarious jobs, and why he decided to jump into the fire just to prove his innocence is what remains inconceivable. I hope given the extent people continue to plunge into endangerments as a result of a loss of hope, soon mankind will find a solution to the daunting challenges posed by the insurgency across the globe.

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