Sociology of Scientific Knowledge: Towards Understanding Sciences through Language

Enhancing the acquisition of the knowledge of sciences has been for long a concern of educationists. The issue has been investigated from different perspectives. One of the most recent, which this paper explores, is a modern linguistic approach that views scientific knowledge as a representation of social reality; thus, understanding this knowledge should be based on the study of its sociology and textual formation, the former investigating the relationship between science and society and the latter analyzing the scientific modus operandi, signs and language respectively. This approach tends to demystify science and make it easily comprehensible by unraveling the opacity of its language through contextualization and popularization.

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Infants Need Free Tongue Movement to Distinguish Speech Sounds, Say Scientists

A team of researchers led by Dr Alison Bruderer, a postdoctoral fellow at the University of British Columbia, has discovered a direct link between tongue movements of infants and their ability to distinguish speech sounds.

“Until now, research in speech perception development and language acquisition has primarily used the auditory experience as the driving factor. Researchers should actually be looking at babies’ oral-motor movements as well,” said Dr Bruderer, who is the lead author on a study published in theProceedings of the National Academy of Sciences on October 12, 2015. Continue reading

“Chomsky’s Linguistics”

In celebration of Chomsky’s enormous contribution to Linguistics and global scholarship, the MIT published “Chomsky’s Linguistics,” which is a collection of Prof. Noam Chomsky’s works over a period of 37 years of linguistics research and development.

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Linguistics as a field of study and a career: An inspiration from William Labov

Many young people, especially those who have just started college or are getting ready for college, are sometimes worried about what to study that would help them to get the job of their dream. Often time, college students who find themselves studying linguistics or thinking about studying the course would like to know what prospects the field holds for them after graduation, as it is obvious at that stage, they lack the required information to make an informed decision about important future careers.  Continue reading

Linguistics as a window to understanding the brain

Language as a complex system of ‘human’ communication remains an indecipherable mystery for linguists and cognitive scientists. Professor Steven Pinker, a Cognitive Scientist at Harvard University, despite studying language for over thirty years, still feels there is far more for him to know about language than he already knows. In this video, he takes us through the amazing complexities of language by explaining linguistics from psychological and cognitive scientist points of view.  Continue reading

Call for papers: Language and economics

Language and Economics – Summer 2015

Edited by Tanweer Ali

On The Horizon is preparing a special issue, due to be published in August 2015, on the application of the study of language and literature in economics. The aim of the publication is to explore the impact of language on economic thought and to encourage intellectual collaboration between linguists and economists. This publication follows the success of the special issue on Language and Economics of September 2014, with the intention of pursuing and extending the same lines of inquiry. We wish to explore both the public discourse on economic issues as well as more specialised literature such as textbooks and academic publications. We welcome contributions from all schools of thought, although we are particularly interested in heterodox perspectives in economics. The target audience include scholars in the fields of linguistics, literature and economics as well as economic policy makers and analysts.  Continue reading


Linguistics & Applied Linguistics: An overview

Are you considering studying a degree or a course in Linguistics? Associate Professor Lesley Stirling gave a comprehensive overview of Linguistics and Applied Linguistics major offered at the University of Melbourne. She discussed what candidates should expect in the course, the different fields of specialization as well as the various employment opportunities available.