We need confidence in our governance to succeed collectively

With all these discoveries and recoveries of looted billions of dollars (cash in apartments) from government officials who were trusted with the nation’s revenue sources, you still doubt why Nigeria is on its knees? We’ve never seen this before, not as far as I know. We had seen such amount of money taken to chambers’ floor for gratification, but not taken out of residences as evidence of criminalization. Fellow countrymen, this is a clear path to the sanity we all prayed for so hard.  Continue reading

Shin menene yan Najeriya ba su fahimta ba game da Muhammadu Buhari?

Irin korafe-korafen da ke faruwa a yanzu game da gwamnatin Shugaba Muhammadu Buhari, babu tantama ya yi kama da abunda ya faru a 1984, lokacin mulkinsa na farko.  Yawa-yawancin jama’a suka kosa saboda tsaurin rayuwa, daga karshe suka yi fatan Allah ya canza musu shi. Shekaru kadan bayan Allah ya kawo karshen mulkinsa, jama’a suka fahimci kuskurensu. Allah bai sake dawo da Buhari ba, sai bayan sama da shekaru talatin na gwagwarmaya, har da rasa rayuka. Sai gashi nan yau cikin kasa da shekaru biyu na mulkin Buhari, wata sabuwar kalma wai ita ‘buhariyya,’ wacce ke nufin tsaurin rayuwa, ta shigo kuddin kamusun Hausa – ma’ana, tarihi ya maimaita kansa. Wai shin a ina matsalar take ne? Kuma shin menene yan Najeriya ba su fahimta ba game da Muhammadu Buhari?  Continue reading

No Justification for the Zaria Killing of Shiite Members

No right-thinking mind can justify the carnage that happened in Zaria, Nigeria last weekend. The action of barricading the road for the Chief of Army Staff’s motorcade was totally wrong, be it by the Shiite members or any group that would dare the authority of the Nigerian Army, but the overzealous response of the army was absolutely ruthless, unlawful and condemnable. Far more ruthless was the insensitivity of some people towards this matter, simply based upon ideological differences and not justice and human compassion. Whosoever you are, justifying and celebrating an unjust killing of humanity is UNGODLY! Continue reading

On President Buhari’s new (dis) appointments

While, in my opinion, it’s still too early to attempt to gauge President Buhari’s performance, even so it might not be wrong to pose a comment on his probable dispositions, especially the one that raised so far the loudest outcry across the nation’s media platforms; I’m particularly concerned to see swift changes in the discourse of interlocutors, a disquiet that may likely lay on the line the hard-earned change Nigerians collectively fought for in the last election. Mr. President’s recent appointments, unlike his previous actions that caused inconsequential name-taggings, call for reflection. I decided to comment on these because learning from former President Jonathan’s case, there is no doubt the Hausa axiom says, ‘when you see your brother’s beard is on fire, you should quickly bathrobe yours with some water.’ Continue reading

Traditional institutions and the politics of exclusive power in Nigeria

One of the grievous mistakes of colonial legacy in Nigeria is the deliberate and constitutional exclusion of traditional institutions in decision making. Despite the over 1000 years of dynamic heritage and respected leadership, particularly in the North, these institutions are only able to secure a ceremonial mention and a consultative role under the Local Government System section 2, subsection b (ii) of the Constitution of Nigeria. As old as Great Britain, the country still upholds and enjoys the value, integrity and stability of its traditional institution. How Nigeria can achieve that remains, as far as I’m concerned, a critical issue for the so-called cream of the crop, especially given the lack of probity that cloaks the current political system.  Continue reading

The White House Recognises 19-year-old Nigerian Harvard Finalist

Nigerian genius, Saheela Ibraheem, 19, made history On Thursday, February, 26, when she was honoured with an official reception in the White House by the US President, Barack Obama and the First Lady, Michelle.  Continue reading

The galantry of Captain Sagir on Ekiti Vote

The worst and most dangerous mistake a country could make is to politicise its defence system. Two or three things are apparent from my perception of Captain Sagir’s action, and this gallantry hopefully will become the whistle that sounds the victory of Nigeria in the hard-hitting game of nationhood.

At first, blowing a whistle as fierce and sensitive as this nature is, without a doubt, a daring bravery, and Nigeria salutes Captain Sagir’s courage, prays and hopes for more from courageous Nigerians like him across all sectors!  Continue reading