You don’t need to be a legislative member or even a governor to serve your people: A message to Taraba youths

Today, my thought, hoped it’s not skewed, is about my brothers, the youths of Taraba state. From time immemorial, everyone knows the future of every society rests on the shoulders of its youths. This is true in Taraba state. But, I don’t see a secured future with almost every young person aiming at one target – to be a House of Assembly member, a chairman or a governor. Folks, politics is now an old-fashioned game for the youth. The buzzwords are education, technology, entrepreneurship and partnership.  Continue reading

Jalingo chairmanship election: A choice between confidence and hope

Oftentimes, people face choices in life, especially good ones, that pose challenges to their conscience. I don’t know what most people of Jalingo local government think about this Saturday’s chairmanship election between Abdul Nasir Bobboji and A. A. Liman. It appears to be a challenging one that perhaps many, as of now, have not yet made any decision. In times like these, putting aside what does not matter and focusing on a common goal could help.  Continue reading

Who will win Taraba 2015 gubernatorial election?

In a couple of days, Taraba and nearly all the states in Nigeria will go to the polls again this time around to vote for their governors and the state House of Assembly Members. Though, the ruling party, PDP, won the presidential election in the state against the opposition party, APC, with a marginal victory, it’s still very difficult to predict the outcome of the forthcoming election owing to many probable factors, major among them are the crises that characterized PDP’s primaries which tore apart the party into two and the popularity of the APC candidate compared to the PDP’s. One may ask, ‘why then the PDP won the presidential election?’ Here’s my take on some of the reasons regarding the two major political parties, the rest is left for Tarabans to prove me right or wrong comes April 11, 2015. Continue reading

Gargadi ga mai yawan korafi

Yawan korafi kullum da hangen cewa wani ya take maka hakki, bai haifar da komai sai mutuwar zuciya da musiba a cikin al’umma. A duk lokacin da mutum ya zama mai yawan korafi, to kodai rago ne, yana zaune yana jira idan biri ya tsinko dan giginya ya fadi a kasa ya dauka, ko kuwa shi ya zalunci kansa, ya ki yin abinda ya cancanta na karbo yancinsa.  Ina wannan bayani ne a dangane da irin dambalwar siyasa da a ke tabkawa a jihata, jihar Taraba. Musulmai da Kiristoci, musamman matasa hankali ya gushe; a maimakon yin abinda ya kamata na ci gaban jiha, sai zage-zage da zargin juna kawai a ke yi, wanda ba zai haifar da da mai ido ba.  Continue reading

Return of Sani Abubakar and the political geometry of Taraba state

The dancing political shift that keeps whirling and somersaulting like a confused masquerade on the soil of Taraba state does not hoax any mystery to a person who knows Taraba state. All these, including UTC’s interpolation of the system, are just geometrical dimensions of the same circle conditioned by colliding forces of Taraba political hoodlums, which in the long run the common Taraban, unfortunately, remains the grass that suffers the fight of the many elephants.
Continue reading

Danbaba Suntai and Taraba State Power Tussle

Taraba state has recently been brought to national as well as international focus since the tragic plane crash of December 12, 2012 that involved the executive governor of the state, Pharm. Danbaba Suntai and a few others from his cabinet. The governor sustained a severe brain injury that rendered him physically and mentally incapacitated to resume duty. And, despite the self-resolve made by some people often tagged as ‘cabals’ to bring him back to his official duty, at least with the recent one of 13th September, hope still remains apparently dashed in the midst of cynicism and sycophancy. Continue reading