Jalingo chairmanship election: A choice between confidence and hope

Oftentimes, people face choices in life, especially good ones, that pose challenges to their conscience. I don’t know what most people of Jalingo local government think about this Saturday’s chairmanship election between Abdul Nasir Bobboji and A. A. Liman. It appears to be a challenging one that perhaps many, as of now, have not yet made any decision. In times like these, putting aside what does not matter and focusing on a common goal could help.  Continue reading

The galantry of Captain Sagir on Ekiti Vote

The worst and most dangerous mistake a country could make is to politicise its defence system. Two or three things are apparent from my perception of Captain Sagir’s action, and this gallantry hopefully will become the whistle that sounds the victory of Nigeria in the hard-hitting game of nationhood.

At first, blowing a whistle as fierce and sensitive as this nature is, without a doubt, a daring bravery, and Nigeria salutes Captain Sagir’s courage, prays and hopes for more from courageous Nigerians like him across all sectors!  Continue reading

Parallel challenges for the next Nigerian leadership

With the current global economic trend as a result of a paradigm shift in an oil market, the leaders, as well as the people who will champion the next pace of Nigeria will face parallel challenges of revenue and security. Suffice to say, this is the moment when Nigeria needs a strong, neutral and focused leadership that will champion aggressive economic diversification, security restoration and national integration. Above all, Nigerians must realise that the achievement of a desirable society of our dream starts by ‘we,’ leaders and led, becoming that change we want to see blooms and flourishes in the society.  Continue reading

Nigeria and the reality of escalating insurgency

With the increase and nature of violent fatality in Nigeria at the moment, the only hope seems to be left for Nigerians is a tenacious prayer to the Almighty in addition to stopping a game of blame or pointing a finger at one another. We must accept it not only as a faith but also as a result of our collective failure as citizens to cultivate an abundant nation full of promises.  Continue reading