The gallantry of Captain Sagir on Ekiti vote

The worst and most dangerous mistake a country could make is to politicise its defence system. Two or three things are apparent from my perception of Captain Sagir’s action, and this gallantry hopefully will become the whistle that sounds the victory of Nigeria in the hard-hitting game of nationhood.

At first, blowing a whistle as fierce and sensitive as this nature is, without a doubt, a daring bravery, and Nigeria salutes Captain Sagir’s courage, prays and hopes for more from courageous Nigerians like him across all sectors!

Secondly, it is true to say his action exposes not only the profligacy of Nigerian politics, which is no longer news around the world but also a dreaded indication of a corrosive activity that has begun to eat the foundation upon which the country stands. Some people, especially within the military institution no doubt may see the action of Captain Sagir as an act of betrayal or cowardice, but this claim, controversial it might be, only justifies the bedlam within and the ardent need for the Nigeria military and all security institutions alike to put their house in order quickly! If they were as divided as they are now, Nigeria would have been forgotten a long time ago. It was their patriotism and resilience that kept the country alive, and so they shouldn’t allow corrupt politicians to systematically waste their sacrifice in vain.

To these ends, because Captain Sagir did what he did, though only God knows how much this heroism will cost him, as, based on his words, it has started, I strongly believe, his action and other incidences that preceded his are a sign of a defining moment for Nigeria. And, hopefully, these are what would eventually culminate to set the country finally free from its bondage.  So, help Nigeria, God.

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