Jalingo chairmanship election: A choice between confidence and hope

Often, people face choices in life, especially good ones, that pose challenges to their conscience. I don’t know what most people of Jalingo local government think about this Saturday’s chairmanship election between Abdul Nasir Bobboji and A. A. Liman. It appears to be a challenging one that perhaps many, as of now, have not yet made any decision. In times like these, putting aside what does not matter and focusing on a common goal could help. 

It may seem quite easy for the supporters of Alhaji Abdul Nasir Bobboji to have confidence given his many years of experience in the local government service and his credible disposition that many describe as “tested and trusted.” To many of these supporters, his competence and trustworthiness are no match alternatives to play a dice game with the state capital in the hands of A. A. Liman who they consider inexperienced.

On the other hand, I’m sure the A.A. Liman’s admirers strongly believe he’s the man of the moment, with a modern touch, who might bring that desirable change they feel Bobboji is old to provide, or that he represents a sort of a reverse to the status quo. No doubt, A. A. Liman seems to be holding the flag of a new face of hope.

The choice here presents itself, to me and apparently to the people of my local government, as a choice between confidence and hope – Bobboji epitomises confidence for what we’ve known to be true, and Liman signals hope for a better tomorrow. None of the two candidates, as far as I’m concerned, causes a serious uncertainty being in the driver’s seat of the local government.

No doubt, I can attest better for Abdul Nasir Bobboji because he’s someone I’ve personally known for decades or nearly all my life, right from the playground of Galadima Best to working closely in community youth organisations at local and state levels. Even though I did not work with him at the local government council, I definitely trust the testimony given by his colleagues and friends.

From what I know, A. A. Liman was a promising and distinguished young leader right from his university days. He seems to be growing with promises from strength to strength. He might not have Bobboji’s experience, but indeed, has a record that can be relied upon for the leadership of the council.

Fellow men and women of the capital city, for sure, if I should have the chance to vote, I certainly will vote for only one of them, and so will you! The choice is not as tricky as it looks, and whatever happens, there’s no cause for alarm.

As far as I can see, the preference in this election depends on what parameters one uses to collect one’s voter’s card, deep one’s thumb in the blue ink and place it on the ballot paper. My dear people, I wish you and of course, myself, God’s choice, which is the best!

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