Jalingo chairmanship election: A choice between confidence and hope

Oftentimes, people face choices in life, especially good ones, that pose challenges to their conscience. I don’t know what most people of Jalingo local government think about this Saturday’s chairmanship election between Abdul Nasir Bobboji and A. A. Liman. It appears to be a challenging one that perhaps many, as of now, have not yet made any decision. In times like these, putting aside what does not matter and focusing on a common goal could help.  Continue reading

Who will win Taraba 2015 gubernatorial election?

In a couple of days, Taraba and nearly all the states in Nigeria will go to the polls again this time around to vote for their governors and the state House of Assembly Members. Though, the ruling party, PDP, won the presidential election in the state against the opposition party, APC, with a marginal victory, it’s still very difficult to predict the outcome of the forthcoming election owing to many probable factors, major among them are the crises that characterized PDP’s primaries which tore apart the party into two and the popularity of the APC candidate compared to the PDP’s. One may ask, ‘why then the PDP won the presidential election?’ Here’s my take on some of the reasons regarding the two major political parties, the rest is left for Tarabans to prove me right or wrong comes April 11, 2015. Continue reading

Return of Sani Abubakar and the political geometry of Taraba state

The dancing political shift that keeps whirling and somersaulting like a confused masquerade on the soil of Taraba state does not hoax any mystery to a person who knows Taraba state. All these, including UTC’s interpolation of the system, are just geometrical dimensions of the same circle conditioned by colliding forces of Taraba political hoodlums, which in the long run the common Taraban, unfortunately, remains the grass that suffers the fight of the many elephants.
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Taraba and its first generation politicians

Taraba state and its first generation politicians It stumps me when I see the same set of immature politicians who ruined Taraba state just a few decades ago are creeping back like a flood intending to take over our dear land once again! These were the same opportunists, who had a baby state in their hands and exploited it beyond reparation. Instead of becoming founding fathers as Sardauna and his likes when they had the baby Nigeria, they ended up becoming demi-gods; they bred thuggery; promoted immorality; instituted impunity and above all nurtured insensitivity to the delicate responsibility of building a new society that was trusted upon them. How would a handicapped system that vested power in the hands of inexperienced and half-educated opportunists produce better results? We did not expect the best from them, neither did we expect the worst if they were truly sons and daughters of Taraba state! Today, these God-forbidden individuals, after the van had thrown them off coast for many years, are creeping back without shame, still with the guts to ask Tarabans for a mandate. They parade social media with false slogans and their agents singing their songs.

Let it be clear! Taraba state has come up age! Opportunism, arrogance and I-can-do-it or let-me-try will not work! Setting people against one another in the name of religion or ethnicity is gone. Keeping people on a long thirst and on campaign rallies taunting them with money as if they were goats is now a joke. Carrying guns on Election Day and bragging with machetes on village and town streets are all, for Tarabans, outdated methods. Taraba has travelled so far; we have cropped up to succumb to any form of trick or any kind of politician. We now expect to see new Taraba. We hope to rely on our young and promising brains whom we look forward to take us onto the next journey. We cannot afford to waste another decade of Awilo Longomba musicals and open jamboree. Opportunity comes but once. Long live Taraba state!