A lesson to take home: An interview with Asari Dokubo

Given the experience Nigeria has gone through in the last six years of present administration, characterised by a high deterioration level of public service, law and order and security, I strongly doubt if President Good Luck’s capabilities are comparable to General Buhari’s. It is evident, leadership requires more than just an impractical humility to ox a diverse and convoluted country like Nigeria.

In this interview by Laylah Aliyu Mai (Voices of the Youth), a more evenhanded I have never seen granted by Alhaji Mujahid Asari Dokubo, there is a lesson to take home if fellow Northerners put off emotion and read between the lines. In my opinion, at least in this interview, this is someone who combines pride in being a Muslim, an Ijaw man and a Nigerian – all inclusive – and ready, without any predisposition, to sit on a dialogue table!

Again, in my opinion, Goodluck surprisingly appears to have far less in evidence to convince Nigerians to risk another four years of a plodding collapse, perhaps, we may with a more competent Nigerian-Ijaw.

For now, we have every reason to believe, Buhari, irrespective of his regional and religious identities, remains a strong hope of a drowning country.

See the continuation of the interview.

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