Chomsky’s Linguistics: A book of research in generative linguistics

In celebration of Chomsky’s enormous contribution to Linguistics and global scholarship, the MIT published Chomsky’s Linguistics, which is a collection of Prof. Noam Chomsky’s works over a period of 37 years of linguistics research and development. Amazon has this to say regarding Chomsky and the book: 

“One of the oldest and most storied linguistics programs in the United States is turning 50. In commemoration of this anniversary, MIT Working Papers in Linguistics has published a collection of the writings of Noam Chomsky entitled Chomsky’s Linguistics. Chomsky’s Linguistics chronicles some of the most important research in generative linguistics by one of the field’s most influential scholars. The eleven papers contained in this volume, which also includes a new foreword by the author, cover a period of over 35 years of linguistic research. From the seminal investigation of the relationship between syntax and the lexicon in “Remarks on Nominalization” (1970) to the recent theory of syntactic derivation outlined in “On Phases” (2006), the topics covered by these papers provide insight into some of the most longstanding questions in linguistic theory. The works presented in this volume have inspired generations of researchers and formed the foundation of much work in linguistics today. Contents: Foreword by Howard Lasnik, Foreword by Noam Chomsky, Remarks on Nominalization, Filters and Control (with Howard Lasnik), A Remark on Contraction (with Howard Lasnik), On Binding, A Minimalist Program for Linguistic Theory, Bare Phrase Structure, Minimalist Inquiries: The Framework, Derivation by Phase, Beyond Explanatory Adequacy, Three Factors in Language, Design, On Phases.”


2 thoughts on “Chomsky’s Linguistics: A book of research in generative linguistics

  1. I feel stunned when I came across the works of my admired scholar professor Noam Chomsky.I wish I am buoyant to fly over USA to spend some quality time with him learning syntax and other linguistic fields.I wish all his books written on language be sent to my

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