We need confidence in our governance to succeed collectively

With all these discoveries and recoveries of looted billions of dollars (cash in apartments) from government officials who were trusted with the nation’s revenue sources, you still doubt why Nigeria is on its knees? We’ve never seen this before, not as far as I know. We had seen such amount of money taken to chambers’ floor for gratification, but not taken out of residences as evidence of criminalization. Fellow countrymen, this is a clear path to the sanity we all prayed for so hard.  Continue reading

Parallel challenges for the next Nigerian leadership

With the current global economic trend as a result of a paradigm shift in an oil market, the leaders, as well as the people who will champion the next pace of Nigeria will face parallel challenges of revenue and security. Suffice to say, this is the moment when Nigeria needs a strong, neutral and focused leadership that will champion aggressive economic diversification, security restoration and national integration. Above all, Nigerians must realise that the achievement of a desirable society of our dream starts by ‘we,’ leaders and led, becoming that change we want to see blooms and flourishes in the society.  Continue reading

What a paradox…Brazil’s protest & 2013 World Cup!

What a paradox! I wonder what is happening with the last part of Brazil’s slogan at BBC. If I still remember it says enthusiastically: ‘We will show you why Brazil is on the world spot.’ Now it’s no longer there. It’s replaced with a kind of on the fence statement focusing on the current national demonstration trying to engulf the football stars.

The irony remains this demonstration really comes at a critical time for Brazil. When the whole world believe that the country is on top of world economies, obviously the factor that gave them the opportunity of winning the hosting of the great event. I’m sure the current happenings shock many if we observe the protest of Brazilians. ‘We don’t want football. We want health facilities, better roads and transport system…’
The question now is if people are still protesting for basic amenities such as these where then lies the concept ‘fast developing economy?’ Could it be true, as claimed by Brazilians, that hosting world cup is not important?’ What is the relevant of hosting such an event if truly people are in dear need of necessity of life. Or is it just Brazilians are being unwise to take to streets or possibly politically motivated? Are these kinds of questions that make BBC to change their slogan against Brazil?

Please help me out…