Who will win Taraba 2015 gubernatorial election?

In a couple of days, Taraba and nearly all the states in Nigeria will go to the polls again this time to vote for their governors and the state House of Assembly Members. Despite the ruling party, PDP, won the presidential election in the state, with a marginal victory, against the opposition party, APC, it’s still very difficult to predict the outcome of the forthcoming election.

Many probable factors are at play.  Major among them are the crises that marginalized PDP’s primaries, which tore apart the party into two, and the popularity of the APC candidate compared to the PDP’s. One may ask, ‘why then the PDP won the presidential election?’ Here’s my take on some of the reasons regarding the two largest political parties, the rest is left for Tarabans to prove me right or wrong comes April 11, 2015. Continue reading “Who will win Taraba 2015 gubernatorial election?”